Power of Attorney


Gulf Link Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Lice no: 000000,
Kathmandu Nepal

This is to confirm that we _______________________(Name, address and contact telephone number of Employer), hereby appoint Gulf Link Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Lice no: 000000,  Kathmandu Nepal as our true and lawful attorney and agent in Nepal in respect of handling all affairs concerning recruitment , entering into and signing contracts with the selected employees, completion of emigration formalities including deposit of security, registration fees etc. with the protector of emigrant required by the said office in connection with the recruitment of persons to work with our company and to arrange their passage and other necessary documents.

This Power of Attorney is limited to the requirement of the said Demand Letter and expires on the completion of this recruitment.

In witness thereof, we have executed this Power of Attorney at

Yours Faithfully,

(Seal & Signature)

(This letter must be attested by the chamber of commerce and ministry of foreign affairs of the employer country)