Agency Agreement

This agreement is made on ………… between ………………………. (Your company) hereinafter called the first party and M/S Gulf Link Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu Nepal hereinafter called in second party have agreed to work under the following term and condition.

1. The second party will forward the personal date, medical report, photos and passport copy for a total worker.

2. The first party will send VISA of the workers to the second party within maximum of 10 days once the interview process is over.

3. The second party will send workers within 30 days after getting VISA of the workers.

4. First has agreed and promised to provide all facilities to the workers, which is mentioned in the demand letter and employment contract. The first party will be fully responsible for everything while the workers are working under him.

5. All other terms and conditions not covered by this agreement will be applicable as for concerned country labor law.

6. The second party will be responsible for the workers for medical unfit or reject from the work or any problem against the company for period of six months.

 The first party and second certify that they have read the agreement and that they fully understand its terms and conditions together with its application. In witness, whereof the parties have voluntary signed subscribed their names below herein.

The first party                                                                                    Second party
                                                                                                 Gulf Link Overseas Pvt. Ltd.